GEH relies to acquire Reftinskaya GRES

Within the Russian Energetic Week (REN) Gazprom energoholding (GEH) announced about the interest in the acquisition of Reftinskaya GRES of 3.8GW in capacity, Neftegaz magazine informed.

Now Enel keeping 56.4% in GRES is an operator of the Company.

GEH started the talks on the asset buyback with Sberbank as adviser on the sale. Now the GRES management is provided by Enel Russia included into Enel structure (Italy).

The Italian party announced about the sale of the assets in summer 2017. Then, GRES was of interest also for Inter RAO, Siberian Generating Company and Huadian (China).

Gazprom energoholding is a vertically-integrated holding (wholly-owned sub of Gazprom). It provides control over generating companies included into Gazprom Group. It is the largest generating assets owner in Russia. The Company keeps working interest in Mosenergo, TGK-1, OGK-2 and MOEK. The Group includes above 80 power plants of 38GW and 71.2th Gcal/h. From 2007 5GW were launched in operation (Adlerskaya TES, Kirishskaya GRES). It is included into the 10-top list of the largest energetic companies in the world.

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