Atlas Copco Gas and Process to introduce new approach to cryogenic high-pressure BOG handling at Gastech 2019

  • Sep 16, 2019
  • Hydrocarbon Processing

Drawing from their vast experience manufacturing integrally geared turbocompressors (IGC) for the LNG market, Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division has adapted this technology to handle cryo-genic high-pressure boil-off gas (BOG) processing. This six-stage compressor offers over 98% reliability and availability combined with significant CAPEX and OPEX savings over conventional technologies.

Using cryogenic low-pressure BOG and fuel gas boosting reference machinery, Atlas Copco Gas and Process has engineered a compressor that handles cryogenic high-pressure BOG applications with greater reliability and efficiency than was previously attainable.

This is the first process machine to combine two cryogenic and four warm stages on a single gearbox and skid, allowing for a smaller, more efficiently operating machine. The six stages allow for the industry's highest processing capability.

The application of dry-gas seals in a cryogenic high-pressure BOG centrifugal compressor is another first for this type of machine. Compared to traditional carbon ring seals, the dry gas seals allow for higher efficiency and lower methane leakage into the environment.

“Applying integral gear technology to cryogenic high-pressure BOG handling is a true accomplishment by our engineering team”, said Tushar Patel, Global Head of Marketing at Atlas Copco Gas and Process. “We are pleased that we can offer our customers the efficiency and reliability our IGC ma-chines are known for, now in cryogenic high-pressure BOG handling”.

Atlas Copco Gas and Process will be holding an announcement for the HP BOG compressor in their booth at Gastech on September 17, 2019. Please come to booth #M280 from 3:30-4:30pm CST for more information about this new machine and a Q&A session. Visitors are encouraged to see the compressor close up in our in-booth VR Experience before and after the event.