Third Gulf Safety Forum starts in Bahrain

  • Mar 25, 2019
  • Biz Bahrain

Oil Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, inaugurated the Third Gulf Safety Forum on Monday.

The event is organised by the European Petroleum Consultants company in cooperation with the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) with the participation of senior international experts and suppliers of safety tools and technologies and the latest curriculum, which will help enterprises and industrial companies to achieve these goals in the GCC and the Middle East region.

The minister highly appreciated the efforts of the European Petroleum Consultancy company in choosing Bahrain to hold its events.

He said that the Gulf Safety Forum is a distinctive and important platform for the exchange of experiences, information and perspectives in new and stimulating ways of discussion in order to find appropriate solutions to improve safety in all sectors. In addition to the exchange of successful experiences and the development of a road map towards achieving the goal of eliminating accidents. Shaikh Mohammed also noted the importance of placing the issue of safety among the priorities of companies and work to train human labor in innovative and professional ways to be able to contain various accidents, which undoubtedly contribute to reduce losses and waste of time.

The minister added that the Kingdom is carrying out important oil projects in order to improve the national economy, where these huge investment projects need knowledgeable human cadres in the field of health and safety for the operation of these factories in a safe and high efficiency, and the keenness of the oil companies’ subsidiaries of NOGA to review all regulations and laws relating to safety on an ongoing and to achieve achievements in this field.

He lauded the efforts of all employees and contractors of the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) to achieve more than 20 million hours of work without the occurrence of time-consuming accidents, which is considered significant by the continued commitment to implement the procedures, policies and safety regulations of the company. As GPIC has managed to achieve more than 30 million jobs without time-consuming accidents, which confirms the seriousness of oil companies to implement the highest standards of safety regulations and laws.

The minister praised the themes of this year’s forum, which is in keeping with current world events.

Shaikh Mohammed also honoured the ARAMCO company, The winner of this year’s award for excellence in Safety for companies, which has demonstrated the best overall achievement in the field of safety during the past two years and finding innovative ways to bring lasting improvements to the safety and health of its affiliates, environment and productivity by sharing examples and practical citations in advancing the process of change and promoting best practices in health and safety, which have been evaluated by a committee of experts according to a number of criteria such as management participation, cultural development, performance improvement, and innovation.

The minister inaugurated as well the accompanying exhibition, in which a number of local, regional and international companies from around the world participated in order to see the latest technology in this field, including ADNOC company, Alba Company, Bapco Company, Enoc Company, Inc. GPIC, Kuwait Oil Company, Quebec company, SABIC, Saudi Aramco, Satorp Company, and many consulting companies.