Mozyr Oil Refinery offers new product to petrochemical enterprises

  • Jan 10, 2019
  • Belarus News

MINSK, 10 January (BelTA) – Mozyr Oil Refinery has started making a new kind of merchandise, which is intended to be a raw material for petrochemical enterprises. It is distillation residue produced by the company's catalytic cracking plant, Mozyr Oil Refinery representatives told BelTA.

The company was able to start making the new product after optimizing the process of making commercial furnace oil and tweaking the operation of the equipment involved in the process. Apart from that, technical solutions implemented by Mozyr Oil Refinery specialists have improved quality parameters of commercial furnace oil.

The new product is intended to be used as a raw material in petrochemical processes, in manufacturing technical carbon (soot).

The distillation residue is exported to Russia for now. The possibility of exporting it to other countries is under consideration.

BelTA reported earlier that Mozyr Oil Refinery was the first company in Belarus to make gasoline with the octane number of 100. The new gasoline variety can be used in any standard vehicle. The premium gasoline AI-100-K5-Euro improves the performance factor of engines, which improves speed parameters of vehicles. The new gasoline will be sold domestically and abroad.