Press Release

Gas sulphur: From by-product to demanded construction material

  • Mar 30, 2020
  • Government

Innovative methods of disposal and industrial utilization of natural sulphur produced at oil and gas deposits of the country were suggested by Senior Scientist of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Shamurad Moviyev.

Together with his colleagues, the scientists has developed a technology for production of modified sulphur from by-products of gas production as well as from the wastes of industrial processing of this chemical.

According to the scientist, big volume of sulphur wastes is generated in the fields from increasing production of natural gas. Its disposal and secondary use was thought to be unprofitable. The main consumer of sulphur in the country is Chemical Plant in Turkmenabat, which produces sulphuric acid. However, the issues of the processing of entire volume of by-product of gas production and industrial sulphuric wastes remains unsolved.

Sh. Moviyev sees new directions of advantageous use of gas sulphur in innovative technologies and material-intensive productions. Composition of modified sulphur developed by scientists of the Institute of Chemistry was recommended to specialists of the State Concern Turkmengas as polymeric binder.

It was proposed to arrange production of composite material – polymeric concrete, based on modified sulphur. Gas sulphur is a chemically active agent, which is able to form up different polymeric structures and compositions with hydrocarbons and tars, including with synthetic ones. The materials have significant advantages by characteristics comparing with known cement compositions. Sulphur binder, which has been developed and test in laboratory, provides high durability and strength, adhesive capability and resistance to moisture.

Sulphuric cement, which is used to make concrete or polymeric concrete with improved technical and economic indicators, is on high demand in foreign countries and is widely used in road and hydro technical construction. Industrial products of different varieties and forms made of modified sulphur like wall panels, pipes, blocks are used very widely.

Use of sulphur polymeric binder in production of asphalt concrete the cost of works and significantly improves durability of road cover and its service period. The technology of production of materials based on modified sulphur proposed by the scientists was approved by specialists of the SC Turkmengaz as possible option for implementation into production.

Searching for new directions of industrial application of gas sulphur, the scientists have noted its protective characteristics. Sulphuric polymeric composition can be applied as anti-cohesive additive in production of granulated nitrogen fertilizers (carbamide, ammonium nitrate). Another protective effect is achieved in connection with humic concentrates received from brown coal from Tuarkyr deposit.

However, the scientists thinks that there are many offer efficient directions of application of sulphur and sulphuric wastes.

The most rational method is to use sulphur and its wastes for making of concrete compositions in such material intensive branches as road and hydro technical construction. Competitive advantages of sulphuric polymeric compositions are provided by use of cheap and accessible raw materials like sulphur binders for their production as well as by high strength, chemical and abrasive resistance.