Press Release

Last platform of South Pars phases 17 & 18 installed

  • Dec 28, 2016
  • Pars Oil and Gas

The last platform of the phases 17 & 18 of South Pars weighting 2300 tons was installed successfully at the location of 17B platform by 25th of December  2016.

As reported by the public relationsof Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), the executive manager of the development project of South Pars 17 & 18 phases pointed to the safe and successful installment of 17B platform at the reservoir block and stated that,the platform has been fully prepared for being set on the jacket since the previous month but because of the unstable weather conditions and the importance of safety requirements compliance and the attention to the lift and set up standardization indices, the procedure was postponed and the installment procedure was done by Sunday morning immediately after getting the report of climate stable conditions, wind speed direction and the sea wave.

Hassan Boviri considered the physical progress of 17B platform as 98% and stated the installment of the platform with the production capacity of 500 million cubic feet (14.5 million cubic meters) is done by the buoyant H15000 of Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA).

Pointing to the start of the Hook-up and connection procedures of platform 17B, Boviri told in regard to the operationalization time of the platform thatthe phases 17 & 18 would be operationalized fully in offshore section and onshore refinery with the designed capacity by triggering the 17B platform until the year end.

He pointed to the 20-inched pumping procedures inside the field from Platform 17B to 17A and stated: “the operation would be done by C master buoyant of Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) until mid of January 2017 and the installment of spools and hydro-tests would be done until the mid of February.”

The executive manager of phases 17 & 18 said: “Platform 17B similar to the other SPDs of the project (18B), has been constructed by Iranian powerful specialists in the Iran Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex Company (ISOICO) industrial yard in Bandarabbas.”

Pars Oil and Gas Company(POGC), the developer of South Pars common field, supervises the development project. The POGC was appointed by the Iran Ministry of Petroleum and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

At the current time, considering the operationalization of SPD 18B, the total production of phases 17 & 18 is reached to 46 million cubic meters per day. With operationalizing the platform 17B, the gas production from the offshore area of these phases would be reached to its planned capacity.

The executive manager of phases 17 & 18 has already told at the time of operationalizing the platform 18B that, since the step-based triggering of the phases until now, about 12.5 billion cubic meters of gas, 9,5 million barrels of gas condensates, 260 thousand tons of Ethane, and about 300 thousand tons of Butane and Propane have been produced.