Cenovus ships oil to Irving Oil’s East Coast refinery… via West Coast pipeline

  • Jul 07, 2020
  • Cenovus Energy

July 2020 - Unprecedented times often call for unprecedented solutions. This is very much the case with our first-ever shipment to Irving Oil, currently on its way to Irving Oil’s refinery on the East Coast. We were able to use our existing capacity on the Trans Mountain pipeline to ship oil to Burnaby, B.C. where it was loaded on an Irving Oil-chartered tanker for the month-long voyage of almost 6,400 nautical miles (11,900 kilometres) down the West Coast, through the Panama Canal and up to New Brunswick.

“We were pleased with the economics of this transaction and excited to work with another strong Canadian company like Irving Oil,” said Keith Chiasson, Cenovus Energy Executive Vice-President, Downstream. “This is a one-off shipment for now, but we think there’s tremendous potential for more oil from Western Canada to make its way east, expanding our customer base here at home. It’s truly a Canadian success story.”