Elengy celebrates 10 000th LNG delivery in its terminals

  • Mar 04, 2021
  • Energy Global

Elengy, a GRTgaz subsidiary with the ENGIE Group, has unloaded its 10 000th cargo of LNG. Since the first delivery at its Le Havre LNG terminal in 1965, the company has unloaded 326 million t of LNG.

In more than 50 years, Elengy’s teams have safely unloaded LNG from 15 different countries, such as Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt, Qatar and Russia. Since the first ship with a capacity of 25 5000 m3 of LNG (the Jules Verne) to the 267 000 m3 Q-Max LNG carrier, and the new Arc7 ice-breaking LNG carriers, nearly 290 different LNG carriers have called at an Elengy terminal.