Gazprom energoholding intends to transfer Mosenergo stocks

Gazprom energoholding considers probability to transfer the treasury stocks of OGK-2 (3.889% of share capital) to Mosenergo and treasury stocks of Mosenergo (0.35%) to OGK-2, the company informed.

These transactions can be executed under the terms determined by Mosenergo and OGK-2 BODs.

Besides, now the securities sale terms are under the Gazprom energoholding consideration as being aimed to increase the share of OGK-2 and Mosenergo stocks in free floating and to raise their liquidity.

Gazprom energoholding is a special company (wholly-owned sub of Gazprom) set up for the management of the electro energetic and heat entities included into Gazprom Group. It is a leader in the heat generating sector in Russia.

The main assets involve Mosenergo, TGK-1 and OGK-2 as generators of electric and heat energy out of natural gas and coal and MOEK as the largest heat supplier in Moscow reg.