Stabilizer Successfully Installed for the Bangchak Refinery Advancement Project

  • Jul 17, 2019
  • Hyundai Engineering

On July 16, Hyundai Engineering (HEC) completed the installation of stabilizer for the Bangchak Refinery Advancement Project (referred to as the TBCR project) in Thailand. The stabilizer is a part that separates unstabilized reformate into stabilized reformate and LPG ??? critical to ensuring the quality of products from the new CCR plant.

The task was a challenging one, having to install the 32.6-meter long stabilizer in the confined space on the site, away from the existing pipe racks that support the pipeline.

First, the plant was cleared of potential obstacles. Next, the tracks were used to move the stabilizer (by way of jack-down & skidding) through the lower part of the pipe racks into the site. The stabilizer was then lifted with a 600-ton crane over the pipe racks and was installed successfully.

For this task, onsite workers closely studied the specific route and relevant challenges from the start of the project, which resulted in the successful installation of the stabilizer.