Kuwait Oil Company planning to issue change order for construction of JPF3

  • Feb 21, 2021
  • Zawya

It should be noted that the Early Production Facility project is being implemented by KOC for implementation, which is a leasing system that ends with ownership and is an alternative to the engineering, purchasing, construction and supply model.

The SETCO contract was one of the three contracts that formed the second phase of the natural gas production plan in Kuwait, while the other two contracts were won by the American company Schlumberger. The three contracts that formed the second phase of the non-associated gas production program in Kuwait required the production of about 120,000 barrels of wet oil per day, and more than 300 million cubic feet per day of sour gas from Rawdatain and Sabriya oil fields, the northeast of Rawdatian, and Umm Niqa fields in northern Kuwait.

The Jurassic reservoirs were discovered in the fields of northern Kuwait (Rawdatain, Sabriya, Dhabi, Umm Naqa and Bahrah), which necessitated the construction of four Jurassic facilities for the production of light oil and non-associated gas, which is the EPF-50 facility that was operational in 2008, and the JPF-Sabriya facility, which was commissioned at the end of 2017, as well as the facilities in west and east Rawdatain which were commissioned in 2018.