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  • Feb 20, 2020
  • Chubu Electric Power

English TOP> About Chubu Electric Power> Press Releases and Other Company News> Press Releases> Business Development Press Releases Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference Other Press Conferences Electric Power Rates Environment Thermal Power Hydroelectric Power Nuclear Power New Energy Business Development New Technology/R&D Events/Social and Cultural Contributions Electric Power Statistics Financial Organization, Personnel, Recruiting Other February 20, 2020Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. and Marubeni Corporation to Establish Joint Venture Specializing in Electric Commercial Vehicle Infrastructure January 31, 2020Transfer of Electric Power Retail Business in the Greater Tokyo Area to CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd. January 31, 2020Capital and Business Alliance with Medical Data Card, Inc., Provider of Services for Consolidating and Managing Medical and Health Information January 31, 2020Joint Study with Keio University Hospital on Home-Care Patient Monitoring and Remote Medical Consultation January 9, 2020The development of the ultra-fast fine-bubble floatation separator “RaFloM-HE”: Significantly reducing the costs of cleaning solutions and cutting fluids used at automobile factories, etc. December 4, 2019Project to convert Suzukawa Energy Center, Ltd.’s coal-fired power plant into a biomass power plant November 25, 2019MC and Chubu Named Preferred Buyers in Bid for Dutch Energy Company “Eneco” November 19, 2019Development of a 74,950kW Wood-Burning Biomass Power Plant in the cities of Omaezaki and Makinohara in Shizuoka Prefecture with Tentative Operation Commencement Date of July 2023 October 23, 2019Utilizing NTT Com’s IoT Platform Things Cloud®, Chubu Electric Power Accelerates Steps Enhancing Sophistication and Efficiency of Facility Maintenance Operations: Cutting-Edge IoT Technology Employed to Visualize Range of Facility Data October 10, 2019Development of Compressor Optimized Operations Service Utilizing IoT and Launch of Demonstration Project in Kingdom of Thailand September 30, 2019Development of 50-MW Wood-Burning Biomass Power Plant in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture with Tentative Operation Commencement Date of July 2023 August 27, 2019An agreement reached to establish a new company that supports the next-generation Mobility Society July 31, 2019New corporate branding after the split June 18, 2019Analyzing Darknet communications, observed by multiple organizations, to detect signs of cyberattacks and contribute to damage prevention June 12, 2019Capital and Business Partnership with GROOVE X June 11, 2019Supply of CO2-free Electricity, generated in Nagano Prefecture, to the Venue of the G20 Ministerial Meeting June 5, 2019Commencement of the VPP construction demonstration project that uses customers’ energy resources June 5, 2019Continued implementation of the VPP V2G Aggregator Demonstrator Project using EV batteries ~ Taking the next step to EV batteries to V2G demonstration~ May 7, 2019Supporting the Recommendations Issued by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) April 26, 2019On the Absorption-type Split Agreement Related to the Spinning Off of the General Transmission and Distribution Business and Retail Electricity Business April 24, 2019Development of New Services Using Renewable Energy~Services Targeting Customers Whose FIT-based Purchasing Period will be Ending~ April 4, 2019Regarding participation in Power Distribution and Retail Sales business for New Clark City in Philippines April 1, 2019On the Establishment of Split Preparation Company for the Upcoming Division of the Company March 26, 2019On the Establishment of the Corporate Venture Capital Fund “Chubu Electric Power Community Support Fund” March 5, 2019On the Growth of “Grid Data Bank Laboratory LLP” February 1, 2019Establishment of the Chuden Energy Services Incorporated January 25, 2019On the Start of New Services Using Renewable Energy—Expanding “Korekara Denki”, a Customer Participation-Based Transaction Service— December 18, 2018On the Investment in the Mirai Creation Fund II –Investment for the “Provision of a New Community” December 12, 2018Start of a Demonstration of Electric/Water/Gas Usage Data Collection Using the Electricity Smart Meter Telecommunication System in Hamamatsu-shi November 29, 2018On the Start of the Demand Response Service for Households “CO-Ene”—Buying Your Creative Efforts in Using Electricity— November 29, 2018Building a “Regional Information Bank” that Provides Livelihood Support through the Distribution of Regional Information—Cooperating with Regional Service Businesses to Conduct a Demonstration in Toyota-shi, Aichi— November 27, 2018On Determining the Direction of the Company Split of the General Electricity Transmission and Distribution Businesses and the Retail Electricity Businesses, and the Decision to Establish the Split Preparation Company November 27, 2018On the Establishment of an Electricity and Gas Sales Agent for the Aichi/Mie/Gifu Area November 9, 2018Start of the Operations of SPARX Group “Mirai Renewable Energy Fund”. Chubu Electric Power,SMBC and Mizuho Bank to Invest Following Toyota November 7, 2018On Joining the “Grid Data Bank Laboratory LLP ” as a Partner October 29, 2018Start of the ““Marutto” Chuden Compressor IoT Optimized Operations Service” October 4, 2018Start of the Residential Information Checking Service “Ouchi Connect” Demonstration October 1, 2018On the Establishment of CS Energy Service Co., Ltd. September 28, 2018Capital and Business Alliance between the Chubu Electric Power and Looop for the Utilization and Service Expansion of the Renewable Energy September 27, 2018On the Development Plan for the Woody Biomass Electric Power Plant in Yonago-shi September 14, 2018On the Business Partnership with the ARUHI Marketing Corporation on Electricity and Gas Retail Sales August 28, 2018On the Capital Alliance with ES-CON Japan Ltd., and Chubu Electric Power Acquiring its Shares for ES-CON Japan to become Chubu Electric Power’s Affiliate Company– Strengthening the Real Estate Business and Increasing Revenue for the Group as a Whole- August 9, 2018On the Start of Demonstrations of Rice Farming Support Using ICT July 31, 2018Establishment of a gas/electricity sales company for regions ranging from Higashi Mikawa in Aichi Prefecture to Seien in Shizuoka Prefecture July 18, 2018On Starting the “mimamori-pole” Service, Preventing Crime on the Streets and Monitoring Properties Using Utility Poles July 6, 2018Joint Development of Health Care Services Using AI/IoT Technology July 3, 2018Development of a Thin CFRP Rapid Heating Device “CF-1”—Heating thin CFRP sheets in 12 seconds— June 29, 2018TEPCO Power Grid, Chubu Electric Power and ICMG and to Establish Joint Venture in Singapore— Targeting project investment, new-business incubation and global training — June 11, 2018Start of Energy Retail in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area May 29, 2018Partial Transfer of Electric Power Retail Business in the Greater Tokyo Area to CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd. May 14, 2018On the Start of the Child Monitoring Service “Dokonyan GPS BoT” that Uses AI/IoT May 10, 2018“K” Line, Chubu Electric Power, Toyota Tsusho, and NYK Line Establish LNG Bunkering Joint Ventures and Launch the LNG Bunkering Business in Japan May 9, 2018Integration of Existing Fuel Businesses into JERA Co., Inc. by Company Spin-Off April 2, 2018Establishment of CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd. March 27, 2018FY2018 Measures for Management Issues: Working Toward Realizing the Management Vision March 27, 2018Revision of Chubu Electric Power Group’s Management Vision: Aiming for a Leading Total Energy Service Corporation March 27, 2018JERA’s Revenue and Expenditure Level Reflecting the Integration of Existing Thermal Power Generation Businesses February 27, 2018Establishment of Energy Sales Company in Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Providing New Value to Customers’ Daily Life and Business February 6, 2018Chubu Electric Power and IIJ Agreed to Establish a Joint Venture for Connected Home Business January 31, 2018Chubu Electric Power and Toyota to Commence Electrified Vehicle Battery Reuse and Recycling Verification Project January 26, 2018“K” Line, Chubu Electric, Toyota Tsusho, and NYK Line Begin Joint Discussions on LNG Bunkering Business in Japan December 22, 2017Conclusion of Cooperation Agreement between Aichi Institute of Technology and Chubu Electric Power Concerning Establishment of Affiliated Graduate School October 30, 2017Start of Demonstration Test of “Child Watching Service” Using LPWA October 23, 2017Use of Electronic Paper in Events Held with Toyota City August 30, 2017Conclusion of “Agreement Concerning Mutual Support During a Disaster” by AEON and Chubu Electric Power July 20, 2017Chubu Electric and INPEX to Begin Wholesale Electricity Supply To Three City Gas Companies July 18, 2017Development of a high-power heater for holding molten metal ~Achieved the world’s highest watt density of 35W/cm2~ July 12, 2017Development of “MiELDieCAST”, energy-saving support system for die casting plants July 7, 2017Issuance of “Chubu Electric Power Group Annual Report 2017” July 3, 2017Start of verification of electricity usage analysis service that uses AI June 20, 2017Demonstration Tests to be Conducted to Develop New Local Service: Using ICT and Distributing Useful Local Information via Utility Pole Signs June 13, 2017Chubu Electric Power to Start IoT-Based System Development Initiative“Ume Project” Intended for Collecting Energy Data June 9, 2017Chubu Electric Power Launches Open Innovation Website and Verification/Development Laboratory: Using ICT to Create New Business and Service June 7, 2017Harnessing Weather Forecasts and Using AI and IoT for Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner Operations: Demonstration Tests to be Performed in UR’s Rental Housing to Realize Comfortable and Low Carbon Emission Residences June 2, 2017Deliberations to Achieve Further Efficiency by Coordination between Power Transmission and Distribution Sectors May 31, 2017Accepting Application for Monitors of New IoT Service that Uses Air Conditioners to Offer Comfortable Sleep Experience May 31, 2017Haseko Anesis and Chubu Electric Power Forge Business Tie-Up in Electric Power and Gas Sales April 26, 2017Start of Joint Research on Cyber Security April 26, 2017KDDI, Chubu Electric Power, SME Support Japan Chubu, and Cisco Starts Initiative to Create Businesses for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with IoT: Providing LPWA Network Environment in Chubu Area April 25, 2017Regarding participation in the submarine power transmission business for offshore wind power plants in Germany April 25, 2017Start of examination of analysis technology for electricity usage using AI April 25, 2017Efforts concerning technological management strategies March 29, 2017FY2017 Measures for Management Issues: Working Toward Realizing Management Vision March 28, 2017Conclusion of Basic Agreement on Integration of Existing Thermal Power Generation Businesses~Aiming to Build a New Business Model in Response toChanges in the Business Environment~ March 2, 2017Chubu Electric Power Company and LEGOLAND® Japan’s Signing of Official Marketing Partner Contract January 30, 2017Gas Sales for Residential Customers December 5, 2016Opening of Aomori BO Center November 24, 2016Registration of gas retail operations October 24, 2016Development and Marketing of CAONS140L: an Air-Source Circular-Heating Heat Pump-Further promoting the use of hot-water heating source heat pumps at factories- September 23, 2016Chubu Electric and INPEX Enter Joint Business Agreements on Power Supply with Three City Gas Companies in Saitama and Nagano Prefectures in Japan September 13, 2016Applying for Gas Retail Business Registration and Entering into the Gas Retail Business for Household Customers July 1, 2016"Chubu Electric Power Company Group Annual Report 2016 (CSR and Financial Report)" Released May 27, 2016Commission Received for “The Project for Capacity Development of Power Transmission and Distribution System in Republic of The Union of Myanmar(Phase 1)” May 23, 2016Abolition of Fuels Department and International Business Department May 23, 2016JERA Co., Inc. Succeeds Existing Fuel Business (Upstream/Procurement) and Overseas Power Generation/Energy Infrastructure Business by Company Spin-Off March 29, 2016Start of Commercial Operation of Lat Krabang Cogeneration Power Plant in Thailand February 23, 2016Determination of Chubu Electric Power Group’s Management Vision Working towards a total energy service corporate group that is one step ahead February 10, 2016JERA Co., Inc. Executive Officers January 21, 2016Chubu Electric and INPEX Enter Joint Business Agreement on Power Supply with Nine City Gas Companies in Tokyo Metropolitan Area January 19, 2016Receiving the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director-General’s Award in the FY2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize January 12, 2016New Rate Menus in the Chubu Electric Power Area for the Full Retail Deregulation of Electric Power December 22, 2015Agreement regarding the integration of the existing fuel business (upstream/procurement) and existing overseas power generation/energy infrastructure business to JERA Co., Inc. November 25, 2015Launch of the Internal Company System October 23, 2015Participation to Indonesia’s High Efficiency Coal-Fired Thermal Power Generation Project October 23, 2015Conclusion of Basic Agreement on Natural Gas Supply with Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. September 29, 2015New initiatives directed toward the full deregulation of electric power August 27, 2015Commission Received for Survey to Confirm and Collect Information on the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) July 31, 2015Application for Approval on Wheeling Service Provisions July 21, 2015Chubu Electric and INPEX Enter Agreement on Joint Power Supply Business July 3, 2015"Chubu Electric Power Company Group Annual Report 2015 (CSR and Financial Report)" Released June 25, 2015JERA Co., Inc. Succeeds Fuel Transportation and Trading Business by Company Spin-Off June 2, 2015Starting an Overseas Energy-Saving Support Service April 28, 2015FY2015 Operating Objectives April 15, 2015Establishment of JERA Co., Inc. - Creation of a global energy company competing worldwide - February 9, 2015TEPCO and Chubu Electric sign Joint Venture Agreement to form a comprehensive alliance and establish a new company July 4, 2014"Chubu Electric Power Company Group Annual Report 2014 (CSR and Financial Report)" Released June 13, 2014Submission of Statement for the Start of Specified-Scale Electricity Business of Cenergy Co. May 22, 2014Annulment of Capital Ties with Hokuriku Ines Co., Ltd. May 16, 2014Joint ownerships of LNG carriers for Chubu Electric May 15, 2014Joetsu Thermal Power Station Starts General Operations May 15, 2014Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station Unit 2 Starts Commercial Operation May 1, 2014Start of Construction for the “Atagi Hydroelectric Power Station” April 21, 2014Signing of a Basic Agreement for the Development of the Akigami Hydroelectric Power Station January 30, 2014The Mie-Shiga gas pipeline inaugurate December 6, 2013Establishment of “Hitachinaka Generation Co., Inc.” November 28, 2013Establishment of Power Generation Company as part of Joint Project conducted with Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated July 31, 2013Establishing C Energy Co., Ltd. as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Transferring Chubu Electric Power’s Air-Conditioning Facility Subcontracting Business to C Energy and Reinforcing C Energy’s Capital Base through Increases in Capital July 5, 2013"Chubu Electric Power Group Annual Report 2013 (CSR and Financial Report)" Released March 29, 2013Conclusion of Contract for Purchase of LNG produced by Wheatstone Project February 26, 2013Participation in a Solar Power Generation Project in Thailand January 11, 2013Chubu Electric and KOGAS execute Tripartite LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement with ENI~ The Very First International Joint Purchase in Asia ~ December 21, 2012Integration of Thai Subsidiary and Bangkok Office October 17, 2012Rapid Recharging Service for Electric Vehicles Started in Convenience Stores August 31, 2012“Chubu Electric Power Group Annual Report 2012 (CSR and Financial Report)” Released July 31, 2012Osaka Gas and Chubu Electric execute liquefaction tolling agreements with FLNG Liquefaction, LLC May 17, 2012Agreement on Efforts toward Installation of Quick Chargers for Electric Vehicles and Their Provision for General Use-Users will be able to charge their vehicles while shopping at convenience stores!- May 16, 2012Chubu Electric to acquire an interest in the Ichthys LNG Project from INPEX CORPORATION April 2, 2012Chubu Electric Power's commencement of a project to convert sewage sludge into fuel March 26, 2012Establishment of Minami Enshu Pipeline Co., Ltd. February 28, 2012Chubu Electric Transfers its Coal and Freight Trading Business to Singapore February 28, 2012Donation for the Endowed Research Division of the Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University February 6, 2012Termination of Externally-powered Idle Stop Power Supply Stand Business January 11, 2012Sale of Interest in Business Conducting Diversified Investment in Existing Power Stations in North America January 10, 2012Trade Contract Concluded to Purchase LNG from Ichthys LNG Project December 22, 2011Initiatives to Expand Wind Power in Central and Western Japan December 7, 2011Chubu Electric and Shizuoka Gas Sign LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement with Qatargas December 6, 2011KYORImo Sound Camera Developed November 24, 2011Agreement to Form Limited Liability Company to Provide Membership-based Quick-charging Service— Start of Initiatives to Expand Electric Vehicle Quick-charge Infrastructure — November 17, 2011Development and Sale of Electric Vehicle Regular Charging System for Multi-unit Housing November 9, 2011Agreement for construction of a natural gas pipeline for large corporate customers from Southwest Fukuroi to Southeast Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture and establishment of a new company to supply gas October 5, 2011Joint Development and Sale of “Compact Cube for Cold Regions”~ The industry’s first air-cooled heat pump chiller capable of operation at outside temperatures as low as -25°C ~ September 26, 2011Chubu Electric Power to End Manufacture and Sale of Artificial Zeolite August 24, 2011“Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report 2011” Released August 2, 2011Conclusion of Basic Agreement concerning Transfer and Takeover of Assets, etc. related to the Hydroelectric Power Business of Mie Prefecture Public Utilities Agency July 14, 2011Marubeni and Chubu to develop a power project in Oman May 9, 2011Consortium to Develop Shale Gas in Canada and Funding to be Provided by JBIC May 6, 2011Chubu Electric and BG Group sign 21 year LNG sales and purchase agreement April 26, 2011Chubu Electric Power to Participate in Cogeneration Projects in Thailand Industrial Areas March 10, 2011Development of IH Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnace ~ Efficient heating of iron crucibles ~ March 3, 2011Additional Acquisition of Interests in Goreway Power Plant Project, Canada March 2, 2011Conclusion of Acquisition Contract for Stake in Integra Project March 1, 2011Participation in TABLE FOR TWO February 24, 2011Determination of the Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2030 February 21, 2011Development and Launch of "Steam Glow Heat Pump" High Efficiency Steam Supply Systems (Marketing World's First Heat Pump Systems Capable of Supplying Steam of 120°C - 165°C) January 19, 2011Development of World's First Water Vapor Chiller with Axial Compressor- A big step toward the commercial development of a chiller that uses water, the ultimate natural refrigerant - January 18, 2011Introduction of Externally-powered Idle Stop Power Supply System to a Low-temperature Distribution Network~Study to be conducted on freezer trucks at Nichirei Group distribution centers~ December 27, 2010Chubu Electric Power to Invest in Mexican Natural Gas Thermal Power Project October 29, 2010Chubu Electric and BG Group sign HOA for LNG sale and purchase October 22, 2010Commission Received for Project to Strengthen Laotian Electric Power Sector's Business Management Capacity October 19, 2010United States / Purchase and Sale on Portfolio Interests of Gas Fired Power Plants October 15, 2010Basic Contract Concluded to Purchase Liquefied Natural Gas from the Donggi-Senoro LNG Project August 9, 2010First Customer Contract signed for Electric Power Supply Stand Project to Reduce Engine Idling July 30, 2010The release of the "2010 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report" July 23, 2010Chubu Electric Commissioned to Participate in Rural Electrification Capacity-building Project in Zambia July 6, 2010Establishment of a new office to prepare for the foundation of the "International Nuclear Energy Development of Japan(tentative name)" May 26, 2010Chubu Electric Commissioned To Provide Design Support Consulting Services for Taiwan Power Company's Talin Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant March 9, 2010Chubu Electric and EDF Trading Expand the Coal Partnership December 22, 2009Participation in Project for Manufacture of Fuel from Sewage Sludge December 14, 2009Conclusion of Contract for Purchase of LNG produced by Gorgon Project November 30, 2009Conclusion of Acquisition Contract for Stake in Gorgon Project November 25, 2009Chubu Electric Decides to Purchase LNG Produced by the Gorgon Project, and Will Acquire an Interest in the Project October 22, 2009Chubu Electric Power Commissioned to Perform Preparatory Study for Cape Verde Power Transmission and Distribution System Project September 8, 2009Participation in Goreway Power Plant Project, Canada - First power-generating facility in Canada for both companies - July 31, 2009"2009 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report" Released February 24, 2009Restructuring of Comres Corporation January 30, 2009Notice of Chubu Electric and Toho Oil Merger July 23, 2008Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. participates in the Ras Laffan C IWPP Project in the State of Qatar July 23, 2008"2008 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report" Released June 16, 2008Ras Laffan B Power Generation and Desalination Project Starts General Operations in Qatar March 26, 2008Overview of the Operating Objectives for 2008 March 26, 2008Restructuring of Vehicle Leasing Business within Group March 26, 2008POWER SYSTEM MAP (as of March 31, 2017) March 26, 2008Overview of the Operating Objectives for FY2008 March 26, 2008Overview of the Operating Objectives for 2008

— Chubu Electric Power Group: Focused on Energy, Meeting a Range of Customer Needs — March 4, 2008Contract Concluded for Purchase of LNG from Western Australia Project January 25, 2008Transfer of Telecommunications Cable Equipment Business for Power Operations from Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc., Through Spin-Off January 25, 2008Conclusion of Share Transfer Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Shares in Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc. January 10, 2008Companies Accept Assignment as Consultants for Keramasan Thermal Power Station Expansion Project in Indonesia November 13, 2007EDF Trading, Chubu Electric Form Coal Partnership October 1, 2007TOENEC and C-TECH Swap Responsibilities Following Re-organization September 28, 2007Chubu Electric Wind Power Station Development Plan September 10, 2007C Energy Becomes First On-Site Business Affiliated with an Electric Power Company to Achieve 200,000 kW of Decentralized Power under Contract August 24, 2007About the "Home Energy Conservation Partnership Project" August 7, 2007New Company to be Established to Provide Heat to Quality Life 21 Johoku District August 3, 2007Chubu Electric Concludes Purchase Agreement for LNG from Sakhalin II Project April 24, 2007Participation in Uranium Mine Projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan April 2, 2007Chubu Electric Changes Logo March 13, 2007Change of Oversight of Tokuyama Power Station Plan March 2, 2007Results of Tender Offer for Shares of Toenec Corporation January 18, 2007Concerning Commissioning of the Technical Consulting Operation in Singapore December 5, 2006Chubu Electric to Consult for Regional Electrification Project in Africa November 28, 2006Chubu Electric, Toho Oil Merger Date Changes November 13, 2006Chubu Electric Wind Power Station Development Plan October 12, 2006Basic Agreement Reached on Western Australia LNG Purchasing Contract September 15, 2006About the "Home Energy Conservation Partnership Project" July 12, 2006Basic agreement concluded to buy liquefied natural gas from the Sakhalin II Project July 6, 2006Start of Operations at IPP Project in Valladolid, Mexico Chubu Electric's first Mexican project May 29, 2006Chubu Electric Invests in North American Power Project The company's third IPP project in North America May 29, 2006Ras Laffan Power Generation and Desalination Project Starts Partial Operations in Qatar Chubu Electric's first project in the Middle East May 25, 2006Start of Chuden Eco Circle Initiative May 23, 2006Chubu Electric, J-Power Take Consulting Assignment for "Study on Setting Technical and Safety Standards for Vietnam's Electricity Business" April 27, 2006Notice of Chubu Electric and Toho Oil Merger April 25, 2006LNG Trade Contract Concluded with Malaysia LNG April 20, 2006Chubu Electric Raises Stake in Mexico Thermal IPP Project March 29, 2006CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc's first ever condominium subdivision joint venture February 22, 2006Chubu Telecommunications to be made a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chubu Electric Power through an exchange of shares February 9, 2006Testing begins for the Kokodenchu service, which uses utility poles to provide positioning information to mobile-phone users February 1, 2006Chubu Telecommunications to be made a wholly owned subsidiary of Chubu Electric Power January 5, 2006Transfer of certain telecommunications cable equipment operations and associated areas of operations (fiber-optic cable leasing and FTTH operations) January 5, 2006Launching of Chuden KIT Club, Chubu Electric Power's new member services via cell phones, targeting high-voltage (less than 500 kW) power service clients December 27, 2005Merger of Eiraku Unyu (Eiraku Transportation) and Oh'igawa Unso Soko (Oh'igawa Shipping and Warehousing) December 21, 2005Commencement of commercial operations of Thailand's Rice Husk Power Project

- Chubu Electric Power's first biomass power project December 8, 2005Kizuna Net (school parents' network) service November 22, 2005Basic agreement concluded on sale of liquefied natural gas from Gorgon project October 27, 2005Fiber-optic Internet service [email protected] service area expansion planned October 26, 2005Chubu Electric Power and Chubu Telecommunications conclude spin-off contract to transfer certain telecommunications cable equipment operations and associated areas of operations (fiber-optic cable leasing and FTTH businesses) September 14, 2005Comprehensive Agreement on Academia-Industry Cooperation between Mie University and Chubu Electric Power July 21, 2005Chubu Electric Power and Hitachi team up to begin offering a "fully electrified IT condominium-system" service June 6, 2005Separation and transfer of the FTTH business May 31, 2005Expansion of IP telephony service coverage area April 14, 2005Establishment of a Preferential-Interest-Rate Housing Loan for Full Electrification by UFJ Bank March 8, 2005Opening of subsidiary office in Thailand for operation & maintenance work March 7, 2005Establishment of a “specialized loan for fully electrical homes and a “preferential loan for full-electrification home remodeling provided by Hitachi Capital Corporation February 28, 2005Establishment of a “specialized loan for fully electrical homes provided by Sumitomo Trust & Banking February 24, 2005Establishment of a "specialized loan for full-electrification home remodeling" provided by Central Finance February 24, 2005Establishment of a "specialized loan for full-electrification home remodeling" provided by Orient Corporation February 21, 2005Start of operation of the Insulating-Oil Recycling Center February 10, 2005LiveNet Becomes Wholly-Owned Subsidiary January 17, 2005Tashkent Thermal-Power-Plant Modernization Project in the Republic of Uzbekistan

-Receiving an order for consulting work- December 27, 2004Taking part in a power-generation project in North America December 27, 2004Decision on financing the Mexico thermal IPP project December 27, 2004Successful bid for a power-generation and seawater desalination project in Qatar December 20, 2004Successful bid for design support consultation for the Zhang Gong Coal Thermal Power Plant ordered by the Taiwan Electric Power Co., Ltd. December 20, 2004Improving the performance of a superconductive conductor while reducing the cost!

- The Goal of the Superconductive Power Storage System Technology Development Project Achieved- December 16, 2004Expansion of IP Phone Service Coverage Area December 15, 2004Chubu Electric Power Begins Video Content Distribution Service December 13, 2004Acquisition of Environmental ISO Certification Directly Linked to Business Activities

- Restructuring of Environmental Management System (EMS) - December 1, 2004Chubu Electric Power Starts Mobile Entry Service September 28, 2004Joint laying of Mie-Shiga Pipeline (tentative name) September 21, 2004Establishment of the "Okashin loan for fully electrical homes," a loan at a preferential interest rate for fully electrical homes. June 30, 2004Expansion of IP telephony service's free call coverage June 29, 2004The Japanese government approves "Rice Husk Power Project in Thailand," in which Chubu Electric Power is participating, as a CDM project. June 8, 2004Chubu Electric Power Has Received an Order for Support Services for Earthquake Protection Activities in Kariya City

- We will provide technical support for this self-reliant community's efforts to create a town that can withstand an earthquake. - March 22, 2004Donations to the Chubu Green Electricity Fund March 22, 2004Participation in a thermal power generation project in Mexico March 10, 2004JICA to Entrust Chubu Electric with Consultation Work "Feasibility Studies on Electric Power Development and Improving Electricity Provision in Sumatra, Indonesia" January 27, 2004Overseas Environment-related Activities December 25, 2003Commissioned by the Taiwan Power Company to build the new Liuchia Substation November 13, 2003Chubu Electric Power's "Global Warming Prevention Month" in FY 2003 October 28, 2003Launch of Community Information Service via Cell Phones; Service Name and Logo October 7, 2003Use of IP Telephony in Chubu Electric Power Company's Offices September 30, 2003Expansion of Free Call Coverage of IP Telephone Service September 25, 2003Release of the English Version of the 2003 Edition Annual Environmental Report

"Think of the Earth, Think Energy, Think Conservation" August 11, 2003Seasonal swap of liquefied natural gas (LNG) between Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. August 1, 2003Entry into the field of community-based information service via cellular phones

- Providing immediate and profitable information - August 1, 2003Permission to establish a facility for the processing of low-concentration PCB insulating oil July 24, 2003Starting a feasibility study on the joint construction of a natural gas pipeline between Mie and Shiga July 18, 2003Commission for providing consulting services concerning the construction of underground transmission lines in Taiwan June 17, 2003Entry into the business of producing and selling artificial zeolite made of coal ash April 25, 2003Establishing the Preparatory Committee for the Foundation of New Schools March 24, 2003 Donations to the Chubu Green Electricity Fund March 7, 2003IP Telephony Service and IP Centrex Service

- Chubu Electric Power Group's IP Telephony Business - March 5, 2003Selling Driftwood as Home Interior and Gardening Articles. (SMES) February 17, 2003Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) commissions Chubu Electric Power to conduct surveys for power development aid in the Philippines state of Palawan January 31, 2003Entry into the business of producing and selling Pleurotus eryngii December 17, 2002Chubu Electric Power to Introduce "Green Procurement" November 27, 2002Further investment in the Prototype Carbon Fund of the World Bank

- Conclusion of an agreement on making a further investment of $5 million November 21, 2002Commission from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for carrying out a survey on the support for privatization of the electricity supply industry in the Philippines November 21, 2002Commission for providing consulting services concerning the survey for the electric-power technical standard and guideline establishment project in Cambodia November 20, 2002Establishment of the research association for collaboration technology for wide-area content distribution September 5, 2002Joint afforestation business in Adelaide, Australia July 11, 2002Model Project to Improve Indonesian Boiler Turbine Efficiency Completed June 24, 2002Exposition of Global Harmony partnership project " Let's participate in picture book making" May 27, 2002Chubu Electric Power uses international bidding process to procure machinery April 11, 2002Chubu Electric Power commences sales of piped natural gas April 9, 2002May opening of the "Benesse Home Kurara Chuden Kakuouzan" March 7 ,2002Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. commissioned by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) for survey of trunk power transmission services in the Philippines March 1 ,2002Donations to the Chubu Green Electricity Fund December 13, 2001Ten power companies launch group to study digital content distribution November 29, 2001Signing of "Basic Agreement on LNG Procurement" with Malaysia LNG November 8, 2001Fourth Hekinan Thermal Power Station Unit Commences Commercial Operations November 6, 2001Development of Planting Medium That Makes Effective Use of Coal Ash - Improved efforts to recycle wastes from power stations and other company facilities - November 1, 2001Sourcing Coal Via E-commerce October 22, 2001Chubu Commences Sale of Natural Gas Via Pipeline October 9, 2001Chubu Electric Power Group to launch electronic authentication business - First electronic authentication operation in the Chubu region - August 29, 2001Establishment of "Hokuriku Erunesu," a LNG sales company August 16, 2001Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. to enter thermal power generation business in Thailand - the company's first such venture overseas August 3, 2001Agreement reached on basic particulars of Australia LNG trading July 12, 2001Commission from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to carry out a survey on the Indonesian power-supply plan July 5, 2001Plan for processing low-concentration PCB insulating oil to render it nontoxic for use in recycling June 14, 2001Exchange Agreement with Qatar General Electricity& Water Corporation and State Power Corporation of China - For full-scale business development overseas April 20, 2001Natural gas sales using our LNG pipeline April 12, 2001Focus on PNJ-C to strengthen the PNJ Group operational structure March 9 ,20012001 Green Electricity Tenders March 6 ,2001The establishment of "Chuden Wing Co., Ltd."

— To help disabled people work independently and to participate in social activities — March 1 ,2001Purchased CO2 emission reduction credits from MacGen Company, Australia

— Trial emission trading in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol — February 27 ,2001The initiative concerning a comprehensive energy-service business

— Establishment of the C-Energy Company (tentative) — February 22 ,2001The completion of the "amelioration of thermal efficiency in existing thermal power stations through operational improvements" in Thailand project February 22 ,2001Training for the improvement of thermal efficiency in thermal power stations

— Part of "a model business of boiler-turbine efficiency enhancement" in Indonesia — February 8 ,2001The initiative for recycling the protective tubes on power-distribution cables- Possible reduction of 200 tons of waste annually - January 23 ,2001The elderly-care business initiative, Joint operation with Benesse Corporation of a private nursing-home facility January 19 ,2001Commission Received for Consultation Services for the Construction of a New Power Transmission Line in Taiwan January 10 ,2001Large-volume Supply of Natural Gas via Pipeline January 5 ,2001Commencement of Joint Examination of LNG Marketing Business in the Hokuriku Region December 14 ,2000"JAPAN E-MARKET, INC." Founded December 5 ,2000Chubu Electric Power commissioned by World Bank for "Turkey Energy and Environmental Review" consulting project October 12 ,2000Equity contribution to Japan Natural Energy Co.

Corporate application of the Green Power System October 10 ,2000Demonstration experiment by the Optical Net Business Study Meeting September 27 ,2000Internet Data Center opens in the Chubu district

Chubu Electric Power group introduces high-quality services September 20 ,2000Training and seminars on improving thermal efficiency in thermal power plants September 19 ,2000Chubu Electric Power - the first in the industry to introduce a supply chain management system (SCM) for procurement

— Making renewed efforts to cut procurement costs — September 8 ,2000Bid for China's LNG project August 16 ,2000Establishment of Chubu Housing Guaranty Co.

To offer housing assessment and guarantee services

As part of community-oriented services August 4 ,2000Tenth ship (Al Jasla) involved in Qatar's LNG project makes first visit to Japan, marking the completion of the project's transportation system. July 25 ,2000Merger between Chubu Telecommunication Co. and Astel Chubu Co. (for distribution) July 12 ,2000LiveNet Co. starts as Chubu Electric Power's first venture

Company seeks to create a rich housing culture for homeowners June 1 ,2000Memorandum of understanding (MOU) reached on overseas technical cooperation at Sraraya May 26 ,2000LNG Chubu established to market LNG