The Plaza Group Thanks Its Customers, Suppliers and Employees for 25-Years and Counting Serving the Petrochemical Industry

  • Jun 10, 2019
  • Business Wire

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Plaza Group, a leading international marketer of petrochemical products, is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary, thanks its suppliers, customers and employees.

“Our phenomenal success over the last 25-years is a direct result of our commitment to our core values,” says Plaza Group President, Randy Velarde. “Those values are about being honest and forthright; treating every customer, supplier and employee with respect; providing exceptional service to both customers and suppliers; recognizing and taking advantage of market opportunities; and being financially responsible.”

Beginning in 1994, The Plaza Group began its tremendous journey by becoming the exclusive distributor of chemical products for Texaco. Today, the company has sales agreements with Total Petrochemicals, Mitsui, CEPSA, Husky Energy, Valero, Flint Hills, Southern Chemical, Delek Refining and many other petrochemical producers that outsource their marketing and supply chain responsibilities to The Plaza Group. The company’s product line consists of solvents, chemical intermediates, industrial and agri-chemicals, fuels, and plastics, many of which are used in the production of resins, adhesives and coatings and ultimately become products such as eye glasses to post-it notes, as well as many other products used in the housing, automotive, agriculture, and construction industries.

In the past two years, The Plaza Group has acquired companies in diverse markets to expand the company’s long-term vision. The company attributes its success, measured by a high supplier retention rate and customer satisfaction, to being able to keep up with an evolving industry and expand and evolve without sacrificing the quality of its service.

“I can hand over products, goals and objectives to The Plaza Group and know not only that they’re going to run with it, but that they’re going to accomplish it in a fashion that I have no worries about,” says Cliff Baker, Commercial Manager of Total Petrochemicals. “Their ability to uncover opportunities and the relationship that they’ve fostered out there in the market has benefited them but also has benefitted me. The foundation is in place for good, solid growth for generations to come.”

The Plaza Group is a multi-million-dollar, minority-owned international chemical marketing firm based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1994, The Plaza Group markets the refinery and petrochemical products of some of the nation’s best-known producers to Fortune 500 companies, major international firms, direct consumers and select chemical distributors.