Nigeria Needs Energy Saving Refineries- Aderemi, Safety Expert

  • Jun 20, 2021
  • Daily Independent

ADO-EKITI – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Autofit Energy Limited, Dr. Olusegun Aderemi has said that the current condition of the Nigerian Refineries would be too expensive for the federal government to repair, stressing that the establishment of newer refineries would save the country from energy crisis.

Speaking at the sideline of his Birthday Party held in Aramoko on weekend Aderemi argued that it would be unthinkable for anyone to expect Refineries built in the 1960s to perform at optimal capacity and meet the growing energy demands in Nigeria.

On the controversy trailing the Federal Government’s planned $150billion Turnaround of Refineries, the Regional President of Occupational Safety and Health Association UK-Nigeria (OSHAssociation UK) said it was not necessary saying it could amount to waste of resources.

Instead, Aderemi disclosed that “that same cost can be used to get a newer one that can be energy saving and safe for mankind”

He expressed hope that the Petroleum Industry Bill would address the challenges in the Energy Sector when it was fully signed into law by Mr President.

He said, “As an expert in the oil and gas downstream sector business, I believe what the Federal Government is doing is just showing participation, by the time the Petroleum Industry Bill is fully signed into law and put into use, you will see so many things.

“The government participation about the refinery will be a thing of the past. The refinery is outdated, outdated in the sense that so many things in that refinery belong to the olden day. When you talk of innovation, that type of refinery does not meet up with today’s standard. To turn it around will be too expensive.”

Aderemi, the Atayero of Aramoko kingdom also used the occasion to empower about 5,000 widows and elderly women in the community.

“We thank God for how he has provided for me to be able to bring the little that I have to give back to my people. As a leader, I have learnt that the best thing for a leader is to always give back to the society. To become a leader, you must learn how to serve because if you don’t serve people, you cannot be served. As a leader, one has to provide for the needy. I have taken this to be part of me and the way I want to lead my life. I am praying for the opportunity to be able to do more

“For the past few years, I have been practicing it, how to make myself important, how to make myself relevant, how to make people see the glory of God in me. It is in the Bible that we should show the light when it shines show that people can know that we have God. I want people to expect of God’s glory and goodness from me” Atayero said.

Dr Aderemi promised to expand the scope of the scheme to accommodate Schorlaship and other things as suggested by the beneficiaries.

“The widows came up with suggestions and they mentioned grinding machines, sewing machines and hairdressing equipment. Some said they would like money empowerment. But another person came up to crown it all that we should give scholarship to them so that they can give such to their children. I see that as a welcome one. I pray to God to help me so that I can be able to meet these” he said .