More Than a Name Change: Oxea is now OQ Chemicals

  • May 20, 2020
  • Gulf Oil & Gas

The global chemical company Oxea

has officially changed its corporate name to OQ Chemicals as a token of its final integration into the newly formed energy company OQ. Complementing the name change is a new corporate identity, reflecting the potential of the group, and a

new website under OQ aims to become a global leading

energy company and offers a diversified product mix, including energy, polymers,

and oxo chemicals.

“We are committed to provide the same service level and to support the growth

and success of our customers,” said Dr. Oliver Borgmeier, responsible for the

Downstream International Assets at OQ. “Long-term, our customers will benefit from

synergies at OQ: We will continue to invest in innovation. In 2021, we aim to add

30 percent to our company’s total production capacity for carboxylic acids with a

sixth world-scale production plant. For the same year, we plan to bring on-stream

additional production capacity for TCD Alcohol that will cover the anticipated

global demand for years to come,” he added.

Oxea became part of the Oman Oil Company (OOC) in 2013. Since then,

numerous growth programmes were initiated and implemented. At the end of

2019, under the leadership of OOC and Orpic Group, nine Oman based

companies which were already affiliated formed the new brand identity ‘OQ’.

“Having one brand globally was highlighted earlier in the integration process as a

key enabler for integration. Much of the feedback we received then was that we

needed a new platform and a new identity to enable us to come together and

create the future company we are all proud of. The choice was also for a new,

fresh, bold, and global brand that will represent the new company that we are. So

that was OQ!” explained OQ Group CEO Musab Al Mahruqi.

“Our aim with this new company is to develop a unique integrated model for an

energy company that delivers sustainability and business excellence. The world will

know us for our people, our agility, customer-centric approach and innovation. We

have an ambitious growth plan aiming to double our EBITDA in the next ten years

and investing over USD 28 Bn in new projects. We will also invest in alternative

energy, retail, and gas-to-plastics projects. This will be exciting for our people, our

customers, and our communities,” he continued.