Australia: Gladstone LNG exports down in May

  • Jun 24, 2019
  • Brunei LNG

LNG exports from the three liquefaction plants located on Curtis Island offshore Gladstone totalled 1.743 million tons spread across 26 cargoes in May 2019.

The volume represents a 3.7 percent decrease compared to the 1.78 million tons reported in April 2019, data from the Gladstone Ports Corporation shows.

However, compared to May 2018 when the three Curtis Island facilities shipped a total of 1.65 million tons, this represents a 9.3‬ percent jump.

China remained as the top importer of the Gladstone LNG volumes with a total of 1.32 million tons of the volumes landing at Chinese import facilities.

The remaining volumes were shipped to South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia, the data shows.

So far this year, the three facilities shipped a total of 9.12 million tons of LNG, with the majority, 6.52 million tons landing in China.

The LNG export plants located on Curtis Island include Shell’s Queensland Curtis LNG, Santos Gladstone LNG, and the ConocoPhillips-operated Australia Pacific LNG terminal.