Landdox Expands Oklahoma Oil & Gas Industry Offerings

  • Feb 12, 2019
  • PR Newswire

HOUSTON, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Landdox, a developer of Cloud-based land management software, announced two product releases that significantly enhance the value of managing Oklahoma oil & gas leasehold and mineral rights in the company's app.

The first of these is an API integration with Organon Data, a fast-growing aggregator of Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) regulatory filings and well data. Customers can use this integration to track Spacing, Pooling, and other OCC activity on the same maps that depict proprietary details of their own land holdings.

"No Oklahoma acreage map is complete without an OCC activity layer," said Landdox co-founder James Yockey. "This new Organon Data integration provides our customers real-time 360-degree perspective on their Oklahoma assets without the costly and cumbersome steps required by legacy land systems."

Landdox's integration with Organon Data includes section-level mapping of Spacing, Pooling, and Increased Density applications and orders, as well as surface hole location and well stick maps for drilling permits, well spuds and completions.

"With the land grab settling down in Oklahoma, companies are turning their focus to asset management, including tracking regulatory activity on and near their footprint. Integrating our spatialized regulatory data into a modern platform like Landdox will streamline a workflow our clients have long regarded as highly inefficient," said Jason Chapman, Co-founder of Organon Data.

Additionally, Landdox released a new feature that enables customers to model and manage Pooling elections and boost Pooling order compliance levels.

"Forced Pooling plays a central role in Oklahoma land work, but you'd never know it based on the technology available to help E&Ps manage this important strategy," said Landdox co-founder Bob Gates. "Hundreds of thousands of pooled owners' interests are still calculated and tracked by homebuilt spreadsheets stored on shared drives. Landdox's upgraded interests app provides Oklahoma operators and non-ops alike a smarter way to manage Forced Pooling's inherent complexities."

Founded in 2015, Landdox builds great software and offers innovative services that empower today's land professional. The company's flagship SaaS product is a land system that combines data and document management, mapping and analytics in a customizable, easy-to-use Web app. E&Ps, non-op and mineral & royalty funds use Landdox to acquire, manage and market billions of dollars worth of leasehold and mineral rights. Learn more at

Organon Data is a leading provider of Oklahoma oil and gas well and regulatory data. Organon's Online Data Portal provides information collected from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and easily integrates it into your own system for analysis. Organon's services let you quickly browse through administrative data (poolings, spacings, etc.) and drilling/completion information as well as directly access the individual PDFs on file. Organon's state of the art interactive mapping tool allows a more visual understanding of Oklahoma oil and gas activity. Learn more at