GATE LNG praises pre-insulated piping

  • Sep 12, 2019
  • LNG Industry

FTI Group has announced that, during eight years of service on the edge of the North Sea, GATE LNG, a joint venture (JV) between Vopak and Gasunie, claims FibaShield pre-insulated pipes have performed flawlessly.

The operator recently said: “The pre-insulated piping lines are as delivered having not required any maintenance” over the entire period. He further credits FibaShield with contributing to “the very low boil-off and low overall operating costs of the terminal.”

According to the statement, GATE LNG was the first of three LNG import terminals built by the TSEV main contractor in Northern Europe. After the success at GATE, TSEV used FibaShield in the two other LNG import terminals: Zeebrugge and Dunkerque.

Project director for GATE LNG, Guido Piazzoli of TSEV, said: “We were happy to have taken the decision to use FibaShield to pre-insulate the jetty and rundown lines. My only regret was that we could have pre-insulated more. But even so, adopting pre-insulation greatly helped in bringing the project in on time and within budget.”

Fluxys, the operators of Zeebrugge and Dunkerque, have also expressed their satisfaction with the FibaShield system by specifying it for their upcoming JV project with Novatek to be built in Germany.

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