Sergey Kudryashov about Russian fule and energy sector in a time of transition

  • Oct 13, 2021
  • Zarubezhneft

Sergey Kudryashov, the General Director of Zarubezhneft Group of Companies, took part in the session “Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the Conditions of Energy Transition”, which opened the business program of the Russian Energy Week this year. Russian Energy Week is one of the key international platforms for discussing the most relevant trends in the development of the modern fuel and energy complex. The central theme of REW-2021 is the development of the global fuel and energy complex in the context of a climate story, digitalization, and changes in the market structure.

In his speech, Sergei Ivanovich proposed to view the energy transition as an evolutionary development of the industry, where solar and wind generation are not the final result, but only a next stage of development. It was noted that the development of green technologies does not mean the simultaneous elimination of the hydrocarbon component from the global energy balance, despite the fact that last year the volume of investments in alternative energy, including the electric vehicle sector, exceeded the volume of investments in the global oil and gas upstream.

Speaking about practical experience, Sergey Kudryashov noted that Zarubezhneft also strives to be in the trend of modern technologies development. The new direction is also reflected in the corporate strategy of the company until 2030. The main focus in the area of alternative energy is the implementation of projects with a synergistic effect with the current assets of the company, both in Russia and abroad. For example, a project for the construction of an offshore wind farm in Vietnam with a capacity of 1 GW is being elaborated, it will combine the competencies in the area of wind energy of the Belgian company DEME and the competencies of Zarubezhneft JSC in the area of offshore facilities construction.

In addition, Zarubezhneft is actively developing projects in the area of renewable energy sources for its own needs at production sites in the regions of operation.

Photo credit - Roscongress